February 8, 2017

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – Navajo Housing Authority (NHA) has issued the following statement in response to an article entitled ‘Zah nets about S85k annually from NHA’ published in the Feb. 8th issue of the Gallup Independent.

“NHA consultants are not paid with funds from the Native American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Act (NAHASDA). As such, the payments of their fees are not subject to public disclosure. Additionally, we respect their rights to privacy and anyone requesting such information will need to provide NHA with a written and signed release from each consultant, before any information is provided.

“The consultants who have assisted NHA over the years are credible professionals who are at the top of their line of work, and all comply with Navajo preference law. The Navajo people have benefited immensely from their invaluable contributions and knowledge in housing services. For example, Mr. Peterson Zah is a highly respected statesman not only on the Navajo Nation, but at the national level as well. Through that prestige, Mr. Zah and our advisors have unfastened barriers and opportunities where none may have existed before.

“NHA does not randomly select consultants. They are highly vetted, educated professionals, respected by their peers, and committed to protecting the livelihood of the Navajo people. The Navajo people deserve nothing less than the best.”


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