WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – Navajo Housing Authority staff are looking forward to working with the incoming NHA Board of Commissioners, three of which were confirmed yesterday by unanimous votes from the Naabik’iyati’ Committee, (18-0, 15-0 and 15-0 respectively). The committee serves as the final authority for the confirmations.


Chief Executive Officer Aneva Yazzie said the staff will be gearing up to update the new board members about pressing issues. “Our Indian Housing Plan for 2018 is due in short time and we need to get the board up to speed on a heavily regulated program, among other priorities such as NAHASDA reauthorization and congressional appropriations for Indian housing,” said Yazzie, a veteran of NHA since 2007. “We want to thank Russell Begaye and Speaker Lorenzo Bates for their leadership in the selection of a professional boardship.”


“We need to educate them about the complex regulations, NHA policies and processes for Housing Management Offices across Arizona, New Mexico and Utah”, said Priscilla Tsinigine, Chief Operating Officer. She further, states “and to provide education of all current construction projects and future plans for housing development for our people”. Ms. Tsinigine has been with Navajo Housing Authority since 2004 and currently oversees, the Division of Constructions Services, Housing Management Division and Facility and Fleet Management.


Marlene Lynch, who oversees the accounting, treasury management, and grants management functions including the subrecipient program and has been with NHA since 2003, added that the expenditure of housing funds and the financial position of NHA also needs to be explained to the new board. “I’m sure that will be one of the first questions asked and we are prepared to provide this information,” Lynch said.


Norman Benally, Chief Administration Officer said the support services from the Administration branch looks forward to working cooperatively with the incoming Board of Commissioners.  He said, “As the saying goes “the most constant thing is change,” we know the Commissioners will bring new visions to the organization and I am sure we will blend their visions with the NHA culture to continue building sustainable, quality homes.”



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