WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – In July of this year the Navajo Housing Authority (NHA) Board of Commissioners, in an effort to increase communication and transparency, announced they would live stream their monthly regular meetings. In addition, the Board, also starting conducting their meetings at different NHA Housing Management Office (HMO) locations across the Navajo reservation, which allowed local officials the opportunity to meet the new board members.


“Two regular meetings were successfully webcasted live, however due to insufficient internet data accessibility in remote areas, live streaming options aren’t always available,” said NHA Chief Administrative Officer Norman Benally. “The NHA is currently researching cellular data avenues that would give NHA reliable access to internet data streams in the remote areas of the Navajo reservation for the purpose of live streaming.”


This month’s regular meeting will be held at the Tuba City HMO on Dec. 14, however the building does not provide the necessary Internet data bandwidth to produce a reliable live stream. As an alternative, the NHA will be pre-recording the regular meeting and uploading the video to its dedicated YouTube channel, at The video will be uploaded no later then Monday, Dec.18.


“We’ve made it a practice to archive the live streams on our YouTube channel to allowed the public to access NHA Board meetings, unfiltered and on their own time,” Benally added. “The NHA Information Technology Department and networking staff are continually working to provide the best live streaming user experience while working within the limits of the Navajo Nations telecommunications infrastructure.”




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