February 14, 2017

 WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – Navajo Housing Authority administrators are disheartened by the recently published news reports regarding payments to two NHA consultants. This confidential information was leaked to the press without authorization from NHA leadership.

Since the articles ran, NHA has begun an investigation into the breach and taken steps to insure this type of situation does not occur again. “We value the privacy of our employees and contract consultants,” said Aneva J. Yazzie, CEO. “They have performed exceptional service for NHA and we continue to need their expertise.”

She further comments, “The person(s) responsible for this action will be disciplined appropriately,” she said. “Our advisors have great credentials, education, and experience that is extremely valuable to not only NHA but the Navajo people. I know their assistance has been instrumental in what we have achieved over the past few years.”

“In 2012, when HUD notified us that we had to spend $470 million, we knew we had an uphill battle ahead of us. We were in the midst of turmoil when I took over as CEO. NHA had to challenge HUD in the courts and before administrative law judges. We knew the Navajo public and leadership would have lots of questions and concerns. We also knew other tribes who receive lesser housing funds had similar concerns Yazzie said. “So we recruited some of the best talent out there to help us navigate through these unchartered waters so we could take on this important challenge.”

As our team assembled we began to build an infrastructure that would allow NHA to expedite the expenditure of our allocated funds to construct and rehabilitate homes in compliance with HUD’s guidelines and procedures. With our foundation in place, NHA spent nearly $600 Million in five years all while sticking to our 5-year plan.

“Without the leadership of our NHA team and our experienced consultants, it would have been impossible to do what we did in the past few years,” she said. “Our consultants have done tremendous work for us under very difficult and stressful conditions. I commend and appreciate their work and I tell them so every opportunity I get. I hope our people can understand how much they do for all of us.”

# # #