January 13, 2016


On Jan.6, members from the NHA Board of Commissioners met with Houck Chapter officials
to discuss the Houck Project, formerly known as Bluestone.

HOUCK, Ariz. – On Jan. 6, the Navajo Housing Authority (NHA) Board of Commissioners met with Houck Chapter Officials to discuss the development of the Houck Project which is to be located along Interstate 40, two miles east of the Houck Chapter House.

The Houck Project, previously known as the Bluestone Project, was placed on a brief hold two years ago in order for the eight newly appointed NHA board members to reevaluate the project. The project had been heavily promoted and dubbed as a model for other master planned housing developments on the Navajo Nation.

“The whole reason that we are here is because there was a lot of misconceptions as to why the Board delayed this project and there were questions concerning the land issues and some of those were resolved,” said NHA Board Chairman Ervin Chavez. “Now that we know where we are, and understand the feelings of the community, we can start moving this project into phases and move forward with this at a more reasonable and responsible schedule.”

NHA Chief Executive Officer, Aneva Yazzie updates Houck Chapter Officials on the status of the Houck Project during a work session held on Jan. 6 at the Houck Chapter House.

Houck Chapter Vice-President, James Watchman, Jr. was also in attendance and was pleased with the update from NHA. “We wanted an update on the status of the Houck Project,” said Watchman, “We’re still in favor – community members were asking because we heard through the grapevine that it was stopped or put on hold.”

Watchman expressed the Houck community’s vision for the project. “Most chapters usually help out individual families through housing discretionary,” said Watchman. “For us as chapter officials and administrators we are trying to create something huge and fair for everybody.”

“Because the development is located on fee land the housing will be open to everyone (Navajo) and as a chapter we can’t control that,” Watchman added.

A follow up meeting, with shareholders, is tentatively scheduled to take place at the end of January. Additional shareholders will include; Arizona Department of Transportation, Navajo Department of Transportation, Navajo Telephone and Utility Authority and other stakeholders.

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