March 9, 2020




Ojo Amarillo, NEW MEXICO – On Mar. 9, Navajo Housing Authority CEO Frank Dayish met with Sacred Wind Communication (SWC) representatives to see first-hand the new fiber optic cable internet connection. The tenants at the Ojo Amarillo Sky Mesa NHA housing development now have access to 100 megabytes of bandwidth through the new connection. Ojo Amarillo Sky Mesa NHA housing is among the 80-90 homes to receive internet connectivity.


“You’re talking about access to information for education and economic development,” said Dayish. “With this new access to the world, the tenants here will benefit from being able to establish home businesses or simply pay their bills from home – among other benefits.”


Public Rental occupant Cordell Mannie was welcoming as the NHA and SWC delegation toured the inside and outside areas of his public rental unit. “I do a lot of reading online, and since having access to the internet, I’ve been able to do that,” said Mannie. “The internet access also allows my children to have new ways to learn about shapes and colors.”


John Badal, CEO of SWC, said the project will bring high-speed internet into a community that has never had access to such high speeds before. “In our mind we provide more then broadband, we’re providing equality of opportunity for all of our customers – equally in academics where children could use broad band at the same speeds or even higher than their counter parts in urban areas,” said Badal. “Where families could access health care information and access the information available to them on the internet.” Badal says he is looking forward to working with the NHA on future projects and the next community to receive the upgrade to high speed internet access will be Tohajiilee, New Mexico, with a possible connection of 1 gigabyte.


Also present was Huerfano Chapter President Ben Woody Jr; Interim Deputy CEO Raymond Nopah; and SWC External Affairs Manager Catherine Nicolaou.