Guiding Principles - Dilziingoo O'niish

I. People Excellence – Naalnishii Biii ‘diilzhiih

Promote people excellence by providing skills assessment, career planning and personal improvement plans. Promote cultural and traditional values in all employees, support individual and team growth through training plans, set individual and team goals, and implement praise and reward systems.

II. Pride In NHA and Dine’ Traditional Values – ll’ iihliih

Speak with pride about the Navajo Housing Authority when dealing with the general public, tribal offices and governmental affiliations, and fellow employees. Uphold these 6 Guiding Principles as a normal part of doing business. Participate with pride in the services offered by the Navajo Housing Authority. Respect NHA facilities, property, and leadership; and inversely require active and respectful leadership.

III. Customer Service Excellence – Haa’ awheentiih

We value and recognize our customers and we are committed to improving customer satisfaction in housing delivery by streamlining services within the NHA housing programs, improving customer service and providing total quality homes. The Navajo Housing Authority will concentrate on approachability and quality assistance in customer relations.

IV. Self-Sufficiency – Taawheeh’ ajiiteegoo

Provide opportunities and establish goals for families residing in low-income housing by encouraging resident self-sufficiency, the development of Homeowners Associations, on-the-job training programs, and other self-sufficiency mechanisms. The NHA will establish partnerships with non-profit organizations and other public, private, and tribal agencies to maximize employment and provide business opportunities to the Dine’.

V. Sustainable Housing and Community Stewardship – Hooghaan doo iina blinaahnlintiln

Provide education and training through the Homebuyer Education Program to families on the maintenance of their homes and improve housing areas by achieving equity through homeownership. The goal of the NHA staff is to support tenants and residents in improving the appearance of and enhancing the value of their homes; this includes drug prevention and crime prevention programs such as a neighborhood watch.

VI. Economic Growth and Financial Stability – Taa’ kiin’ ndiidah

Strive to maintain a self-reliant full service housing organization though home ownership training models, mortgage lending capacity, loan servicing, and partnering with other agencies. Maintain financial stability though housing-related development and economic self-sufficiently. Provide opportunity for economic growth to the Navajo Nation economy base through development and renovation activates by employing a predominantly Dine’ construction workforce. Also conduct business with Dine’-owned firms towards the long-range goal of a tenfold Return on Investment of NAHASDA funds.