Executive Office

Executive Office

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P O Box 4980
Window Rock, AZ 86515
Phone: 928-871-2600

Aneva J. Yazzie
Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer of the Navajo Housing Authority (NHA), Ms. Yazzie is responsible for operating and managing a public housing stock of approximately 8,500 residential units, 29 administrative buildings, and the compliance oversight of 52 subrecipient housing providers
receiving Indian Housing Block Grant funds. Ms. Yazzie is a full-blood member of the Navajo (Diné) Nation. She is an Industrial Engineer by educational profession and has worked 10 years as a private engineering/management consultant for native and urban communities
in the affordable housing arena, combined with 14 years of prior public sector work with the Department of HUD and Department of Interior. She also worked two years with the Arizona State Department of Housing under the former Governor Janet Napolitano, managing state housing trust funds and low income housing tax credit financing for needed projects in rural and urban communities.

Marlene J. Lynch
Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Marlene A. Lynch is responsible for NHA’s financial direction. She overlooks several departments including; finance, accounting, treasury, capital acquisitions, capital allocations, and grants management. Her experience includes: City of Farmington – Administrative Services Director/City Treasurer Navajo Tribal Utility Authority – Financial Manager

Norman D. Benally
Chief Administrative Officer

Norman Benally was recently appointed to the Navajo Housing Authority’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) position. As the CAO, he is responsible for the organization’s overall administrative processes and procedures. He manages the following departments; Human Resources, Information Technology, Procurement, Records, Risk Management, and Occupational Health & Safety Section.

Norman recently retired from BHP Billiton after 43 years of employment. BHP Billiton owns and operates coal mining activities in Farmington, New Mexico.

Paulson Chaco
Chief Operating Officer

On Oct. 19, the Navajo Housing Authority welcomed former Navajo Department of Transportation Division Director, Mr. Paulson Chaco to serve as the Chief Operating Officer overseeing the authority’s Operations Branch. The branch is the largest of NHA’s four branches, with a combined staff of approximately 200 permanent and temporary employees, which are responsible for the organization’s daily operations. The following divisions each with sub-departments operate within the operations branch; Development and Construction Services, Housing Management, and Facilities and Fleet Management.

“We welcome Mr. Chaco and the expertise he brings with him,” said NHA CEO Aneva Yazzie. “His experience working with the Tribal government and his passion to serve the Navajo people make him a perfect fit for this organization.”

Chaco is a graduate of the University of New Mexico Anderson School with a degree in Business Administration. Chaco has over 30 years of experience in construction management duties with the Navajo Nation and as other firms dealing in horizontal and vertical construction and maintenance activities across the nation.

More recently Chaco was the division director for the Navajo Nation Division of Transportation (NDOT) appointed under the Ben Shelly administration. “That encompassed all of road, maintenance, construction activities on the Navajo Nation,” said Chaco.

Chaco says he brings with him experiences from working with NDOT to the NHA, “Basically we developed a maintenance program, what we called the 24 regional program,” said Chaco. “We worked with chapters on the development of the regional road maintenance plan also the development of the infrastructure for the maintenance plan that included equipment purchases developing maintenance facilities and also providing funds for maintenance operation working with council.”

Some immediate goals Chaco has for the branch include the improvement and maintenance of housing units, “Those things you (public) see visually is what I want to address immediately working with the staff on maintenance concerns with respect to maintenance activities with housing on the Navajo Nation – see if we can turn that around.”

Chaco is honored to start work with the NHA and looks forward to serving the Navajo people, “It’s a great honor to serve the Navajo people in what ever capacity it may be whether is be in roads or housing you have to do what ever you are hired to do a job you got to do it the best way you know how,” said Chaco. “The bottom line of running programs is that you have to always look back to who you serve, which is the Navajo people.