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Business & Contracting

Current Procurement Opportunities

Click on the link below to find a list of current solicitations issued from the NHA Procurement Department. Please check back often for updates.

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The NHA Procurement Department is pleased to do business with proficient and innovative companies. As a business partner of NHA all goods and services benefit whole communities within the Navajo Nation. Each contract awarded brings the NHA one step closer in building sustainable quality homes, promoting economic self-sufficiency and providing exemplary services through professionalism, leadership and respect.

To ensure the highest integrity of the procurement process and as a public agency, all purchasing by the NHA must be performed in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations, CFR 24 Part 85.36 and Procurement Policy_Addendums_BOC Approved NHA-4831-2018.

How To Become a Vendor

As an interested vendor you will need to review and submit the following information:

All NHA Vendors

  1. Complete a NHA Vendor Form with supporting documentation and if you are an Indian-Owned company please complete the Indian Enterprises Qualification Statement below to qualify for Indian Preference on NHA contracts.
  2. Submit brochure material to ensure the NHA knows what products and services you provide.
  3. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks to complete the review and response process. Vendor Form. VENDOR FORM Final
  4. All NHA Vendors must have a DUNS Number (Data Universal Numbering System),  and may obtain one by going to the DNB website,  As Government Contract you should  never pay for a DUNS Number.
  5. All NHA Vendors need to register in SAM (System for Award Management) at  Create a user account and then register your entity in SAM. For more information on how to receive a DUNS Number and register in SAM please contact our office, 928-729-6305, and we will provide you a listing of small business resource centers within Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.
  6. Indian Preference: If you are a 51% or more American Indian-Owned Company, Indian Preference may be given on awards of contracts, Indian Preference, 24 CFR §1000.48, §1000.50, and §1000.52. In order to qualify for this preference, the NHA has formal application process, Indian Enterprises Qualification Statement, which needs to be completed and submitted for review to ensure that all requirements are met and are in the favor of the Indian-Owned Concerned.  (Indian Enterprises Qualification Statement Form)

Please allow approximately six (6) weeks to complete the review and response. The NHA may request additional information for review when considering vendors for Indian Preference.

To ensure the highest integrity of the procurement process and as a public agency, all purchasing by the NHA must be performed in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations, CFR 24 Part 85.36 and NHA Procurement Policy.

Type and Amount of Work NHA Does Each Year

NHA has procured an average of approximately $50 Million in new contracts over the past three years and is honored to have awarded 80% of these projects to qualified Indian Preference and Navajo Businesses.

NHA does procure every year the following supplies and services: Office/Janitorial Supplies, Construction Materials; Appliances; IT Hardware/Software; Physical Security Services; Architectural & Engineering Firms; General Contractors; Professional Land Surveyors; and Professional Certified Public Accountants, just to name a few.

Procurement Procedures

Indian preference shall be applied to awards made and NHA shall go to the greatest extent feasible to give qualified Indian-owned vendors the opportunity to submit a bid/proposal for order fulfillment.

  1. Micro/Small Purchases

Micro-purchase are below $5,000, only one quotation is required provided that the price received is considered reasonable.

Small purchases are over $5,000, but not exceeding $100,000. No less than two offerers shall be solicited to submit quotations. Award shall be made to the lowest acceptable quotation, unless award is justified as other than price factor.

  1. Large Solicitations over $100,000

All procurement over $100,000 will go through a formal solicitation process in which NHA is required to publically advertise to ensure solicitations are reviewed by all interested businesses responding. NHA has advertised in the following circulars and websites: NHA Website, Navajo Times, Arizona Business Gazette, Farmington Daily Times, Albuquerque Journal, Arizona Daily Sun, Salt Lake Tribune Web, Denver Post Web, and Indian Country Today Web.

Awarded Contracts

Solicitation # Description Contract Amount Awardee Date Indian Preference

Upcoming Procurement Opportunities

Upcoming Procurement Opportunities are projects that NHA anticipates to solicit within the fiscal year (2016/2017), ending September 30, 2016 and 2017. These projects are not guaranteed to be released and are in the planning stages.

To sustain the integrity of the procurement process, detailed information for these projects will not be released to the vendor community prior to official procurement advertisement. Information for each project will be provided through formal advertisement and will be posted on the NHA Website for all interested vendors.

  • Construction Projects (Navajo Nation Wide)
  • E-Procurement Software Solutions
  • Professional Consulting Services (Design Build, A/E, etc.)
  • IT Hardware

Contact Information

NHA Procurement Department
P O Box 4980
Window Rock, AZ 86515

Physical Address:
N54 Old Coalmine Road
Construction Services Building #1
Ft. Defiance, AZ 86504
Main: 928-871-2600 | Direct: 928-729-6305 | Fax: 928-729-6304

Procurement Department Staff:
Lorencita Salabye, Interim Procurement Manager,
Pamela Tsosie, Administrative Specialist,
James Bennett, Jr., Procurement Specialist,
Doris Yonnie, Procurement Specialist,